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How to set html as domain landing page ???


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There are two approaches which I think you could take:

1) Purchase the Pages app and make that the default app for the suite. Replicate your HTML page there. Your forums will be found at site.com/forums.

2) Move your installation of Invision Community from site.com to site.com/forums. That leaves site.com free for whatever you want to put there. Bear in mind that if you purchase further apps, they'll also be at site.com/forums, so you'll get site.com/forums/gallery, etc, rather than site.com/gallery if you take this approach.

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18 hours ago, Paul E. said:

Another option!

3) If you don't like the option in #2, use rewrite rules to serve your home page for requests made to the root of your domain, and send everything else to IPS.

Hi Paul, do you have any examples on how to do this?? thanks

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