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ModCP Deleted Content Not Deleting in 30 Days?


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In the AdminCP, I've got the settings to delete all deleted content from ModCP after 30 Days. However, the ModCP Deleted Content is not being deleted and is just piling up. Attached are two screen grabs that show my AdminCP settings and the current status of the ModCP showing dates. I tried adjusting the setting in AdminCP to a shorter time, but that did not kick-start any deletion. Is there a way to fix this without having to manually delete all the deleted content?


Deleted Content 1.JPG

Deleted Content 2.JPG

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So was the time frame like 90 days previously?

Because if it was then just changing it to 30 will not auto-trigger the deletion. It will wait until the next time the task runs.

NOW! If it has always been 30 days then you need to submit a ticket to support. Something isn't working correctly.

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