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Topics custom field, variable in templates

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We have recently migrated from vbulletin to ipb. I struggle to migrate some of the custom solutions we had working with vbulletin.

One of them was a robot that would crawl the threads in vbulletin database and flag those that potentially violate adsense TOS so we don't serve adsense on those threads.

There was an extra field in threads/topics database and looking into the value the page could decide if adsense should be served or not.

In IPB where I can add this custom db field to make its value accessible in topics template? 

I mean I could go ahead and add it to the topics table, but how do I fetch the value in the template. 

I see the topics table has an unused metadata field, could it be used for something like this?

Thank you.

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The metadata field isn't unused, it's used by the meta data system, which in fact is perfect for your use case! 

You could create an application with a proper meta data extension for topics to flag the topic:) 

You can find more information about the feature in our dev guides: 


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Thank you very much.

When i put the website in the developer mod that appears to break  it for the userbase.

1. If I don't go through the process of creating an app etc. and simply start storing values in the meta field of the topics table will it be automatically available in the topics' templates?

2. in what format, syntax should the data be stored in the topics db table meta field?

is it like a serialized array? comma separated list of values...?


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On 12/16/2020 at 11:12 AM, DawPi said:

Something SIMILAR:

I may change it to manually change it (enable/disable) per topic if needed. PM me then.

Thank you. Would it be possible for you to build, release another app like that specifically for adsense/ads?

I am sure I am not the only who tries to ensure ads are placed only on user generated content that does not violate adsense TOS

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I don't really want to get into the business of releasing or selling apps here. But would buy one if it could flag topics for ad serving.

Is it possible to access the meta field of the topics table in the template without created an app?

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