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Per forum/section posting limits

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The IPS Suite comes with the above per-group option. Unfortunately, when enabled, the setting is applied throughout the whole community, which means I can't restrict its effect to a specific forum or topic.

In short, what I need for my community is a mod that allows me to limit the number of posts that can be added to a specific forum (or even better, a topic), by each member of a specific usergroup.

Additional details/requests:

  • I need this to be a per-group setting.
  • I'd appreciate a counter above/under the editor, which displays the number of posts that can still be made by each member of the usergroup (if a restriction is applied).

If you're a developer and you plan to add it to the marketplace, I'm willing to fund the initial release of the plugin (of course assuming the cost will be within my budget).


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3 hours ago, Adriano Faria said:



This would be excellent Adriano, but I need to limit the number of posts within a topic or forum section, not the number of topics itself. If you can include that feature in your plugin I'll certainly buy it.

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