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Downloads/Categories - Not Properly Displaying Content?

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In my DOWNLOADS section, I have a parent category of WALLPAPERS set. I have 2 subcategories under WALLPAPERS, which are 'Desktop' and 'Mobile'.

The issue I am having. On the front end, on the sidebar in the 'Categories' box, you see the parent category of 'Wallpapers' with the content count of '21'. Underneath 'Desktop' shows '11' and 'Mobile' shows '10'. If I click on the word 'Wallpapers', nothing shows. From the way hierarchy works usually, this would show me ALL the "Wallpapers", regardless of subcategories. When I click on the parent category "Wallpapers", it says "No files in this category yet - Submit the first file".

Could anyone tell me if I am missing something, a setting? I checked the Downloads / Settings, I don't see anything that would pertain to this.

Thanks for the help.

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18 hours ago, Daniel F said:

That's by design, because the files were submitted to the child category and not parent category.

If that's the case, could what I stated be treated as a future request? It honestly should work that way. It's a bit confusing the way it works now. The parent category name SHOULDN'T be able to be clicked on then. If I have 15 different subcategories under 1 parent category, when I click the parent category, it should show everything listed below it. Then to fine tune your search/viewing, is when you click on a subcategory name.

Thank you.

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