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Cant Login to Marketplace throught my Invision Power Board

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45 minutes ago, Michael Yates said:

I'm also getting this in 4.5.0 Beta 9.

I opened a support request and then figured out a workaround, however I was never able to tie installed plugins/applications with their marketplace equivalents in the onboarding process. You may want to open a request rather than doing the workaround as I was told that the diagnostic information needed was erased when I found a way around it.

I'm waiting for confirmation as to whether or not I should start over, though there has been mention in a bug report here somewhere that part of the process was improved for the next beta release.

Here's the bug report: 


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21 hours ago, Stuart Silvester said:

It's a generic error message, so it may not mean you're both running into the same issue.

@Michael Yates Try it now. If you still have issues, please submit a support ticket.

Yeah i'll raise a ticket as I now get:

Sorry, there is a problem

Invalid Redirection URI

Error code: 2S361/2

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