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PM Sent and Trash Folders...where are they?


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Yeah, some of these features in IPB are light years ahead of stuff like MyBB where I came from!  In MyBB, when you deleted a thread, it went to a (staff only) trash can forum and there was no such thing as conversation style inbox, LOL!  It's a big jump for my members!

I told them to just create new folders and move PM's into them as needed instead of permanently deleting.  I guess sent folder was a no brainier...you can literately see sent PM's in you inbox!

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Welcome to Invision Community by the way. 

Some other items to share with you on how you can best utilize Invision to align with your MyBB experience: 

- you're welcome to manually create Trash boards.  Just set the proper permissions and it can act like your old Trash Boards.  You can also create a "Saved Action" in the ACP > Community  to automatically execute repetitive functions.  

- Several versions back introduced the concept of soft delete.  You can adjust the settings to save content for X days before the content is permanently deleted.  You can find Deleted Items in the ModeratorCP to review, helpful if you're afraid you mistakenly deleted something.  

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