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How do I change a user from member to admin

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You can either:

  • Go to their ACP profile and change the group
  • Go to ACP -> Members -> Administrator and add the user as Administrator.

Remember that ADMINISTRATOR on IPS4 is the user who can perform actions on ACP only. A user can be an adminstrator and has absolutely no moderator rights on front end. For the front end, you should as the user as MODERATOR.

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@PA-Woodchuck, you probably want to change the  primary group.  Open the profile in the administrator control panel by searching for the member's username, clicking into the member, and clicking the edit button in the group section:


From there, select administrators to give full administrative access to your site, and click save (assuming you're using the built in names for your administrator group):


This will have the effect of changing the title you see under a person's name on the public facing areas of the site from "Members" to "Administrators."

I believe the way you did it will still grant the person administrative permissions, yet they will not display as an administrator as only the primary usergroup title is shown.


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