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Error Log Banning


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If the Error Log has 5000+ errors from the same IP address, that address probably should automatically be banned in the software.  What do you think?

The software does see that the errors are happening from the same IP.  I'm reading the log.

It would be great if there was a feature which flagged or banned IPs which are throwing THOUSANDS of errors.



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Sure.  The one below is 208 errors.  I have others that go into the thousands.

Having 1 IP throwing so many errors, maybe it could be banned for admin review?  Let the admin set the amount of errors.

Today I turned off the Post Before Registering. 

Maybe nothing can be done since the search engine bots would also be banned, I assume.  But at least I could check those IPs out and flag them as valid.  Maybe a ban list with the DNS info so I can tell if it's a Google Bot?  Have one check box to remove (x)and one check box to put on a "do not ban" list (green check)?  Just a thought.




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