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Thanks, @Morrigan. That was a typo here, but in my theme I had it spelled correctly. I dug into the javascript library after posting and saw that there is a split on commas, so the correct syntax (for anyone else wanting to do the same) is data-ipsSticky-disableIn='phone,tablet'.

After trying that and doing a hard refresh (CTRL + F5), I had the desired result. Thanks @bfarber!

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So, reporting back on this. Some issues.

While I managed to get the desired result, there are two places that issues remain:

  • dialog boxes that "pop up" are covered by the sticky header (for example, sending warnings to a user, or private message notifications. These either need to have a higher z-index, or be pushed further down the page.
  • anchored links (jumping to a specific post halfway down a thread, for example) are covered up by the header.

Are there solutions for these side-effects that can be implemented?

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