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chat for ips 4.5 app?


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If ips own their mobile app, is possible add more core services like Cometchat.com?...chat, video, share screens...etc. more communication, meeting, education modules for ips community

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On 5/13/2020 at 6:41 PM, kmk said:

Thinking in better integration with the new mobile app...

Unless you are running a plain vanilla IPS install, you are going to be disappointed by the native app - your users are not going to have the same look/feel your forum has, features (if you have anything other than the standard Suite), etc. The only thing you're gaining with the native app will be push notifications, which I understand for some is very important, but depending on the needs of your community, the tradeoffs may not outweigh the benefits.

If Apple ever decides to allow push notifications from websites, then that benefit becomes even less valuable.

That being said, the beta of the IPS app is really, really good, and miles better than Tapatalk, so there's that positive aspect.

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