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Issue with subscriptions demoting moderators


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We have a group of moderators on our site.  Configuration for this group is as below.



We also allow people to buy a subscription to become a member of the cooperative society, have access to another folder, increased rep limits, and so on.  We used to do this using a product but have moved over to the subscription plans when they were introduced.  The Society Membership subscription is configured as below - people are moved into the Supporter group.



However, if a moderator buys a membership - which they all do, so they can be a legal member of the society and so on - it removes their moderator status and puts them in the supporters group instead.  This is despite the "enable group promotions" switch being turned off.

Is there anything we can do about this?  At the moment the treasurer has to manually go and reassign the moderators into the correct group each time one buys a subscription.


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6 minutes ago, ClubCuddly said:

Hi there,

I have had similar issues. I fixed it by not changing the primary group, and adding supporters as  a secondary group. 

This method works really well for me.

I can see that would work but not where we want to promote that people have paid up - many members like having the green "supporter" under their name.  Thanks anyway.

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15 hours ago, bfarber said:

AdminCP > Commerce > Subscription Plans. Click the "Settings" button at the top right and add the group to the "Protected Groups" list so that their group won't be adjusted when a subscription is purchased.

Amazing, how did I miss that?  I've added the relevant groups and hopefully that will work.  Thank you very much.

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