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User Photo Gallery Improvements

Mike Gholson

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Hi guys,

The current gallery design is a bit 'rough' to navigate when you're trying to find specific images.  For instance, we are an automobile-based club and I've created categories for things like suspension, electrical, bodywork, etc.  We have many photos uploaded into these categories by many different members.  However, when someone wants to find other photos uploaded by that specific user-id, they must revert to the search engine to find all their photos.  I have a few ideas on how to improve this process.

  1. Create a link in the users profile.  This link would show all of the images (not just the albums as it is now) uploaded by this user.  The link (or tab) would be called 'Gallery' and selecting it will show all of the images uploaded by the user.
  2. Create a 'other photos by this user' link.  This link would appear when someone is viewing an image uploaded by a member.  When they are viewing the image, this link would point them toward a place where they can see all of the images (and where they are uploaded).
  3. Create a gallery menu item to browse by user.  Right now I don't see a way to find images by a specific user (similar to blogs).  It would be very nice if you can see all the members who have uploaded to the gallery and a method to get to their images quickly.
  4. Search by AI.  I know this is a bit far fetched, but, is there a way to add intelligence to the images such as searching for the color 'red' or a specific type of image or subject?  I can do this on many of my current galleries and it would be great to add it to IPB.



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