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Slack vs. IPS. OR Slack + IPS?


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Before you all pull out your knives at me..... this is just conjecture... thinking out loud if you will.


Slack is being slated as an "email killer"

I work with much younger IT crowd of developers and they are all over Slack despite mgmt's lack of understanding about it.


It is unlike what most of us are used to....to be fair.


I think the channels idea and the community by invite only has somehow struck the right chord and now they have over 4,000,000 users. (And it's not even a "public" thing" per se)


I am wondering if we could create a feature within this suite of something similar? 

This would solve the lack of innovation in the personal messaging part of IPS and solve the lack of a CHAT option.


In the meantime guess which company I want to own some shares in? 😉


PS - I Know MS TEAMS is gunning after them.... but I think they are too late.

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