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Upgrade error - Duplicate column name 'prompt'

Thomas P

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upgrading our dev forums from 4.4.3 to 4.4.6 (latest) shows the following error after the process:

Error (1060) Duplicate column name 'prompt': addColumn ["core_oauth_authorize_prompts",{"name":"prompt","type":"TEXT","length":null,"decimals":null,"values":null,"allow_null":true,"default":null,"comment":"","unsigned":false,"zerofill":false,"auto_increment":false,"binary":false}]


Anyone experienced the same when looking at the ACP System Logs after upgrade?



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The query to add it was missing from a previous release, it was added, and then the query to add the column was duplicated into the latest release. Looks like a build system artifact along the way, but either way, nothing to worry about and it's sorted for a future maintenance release now.

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