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Add drop down to editor


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I have a need to include the ability to create tables and manage them in the editor. I have found the plugins for it on the ckeditor site however there are so many buttons needed that it takes up an entire large editor toolbar width. What I was hoping is that someone could tell me how I could create 1 button for Tables that when clicked drops down showing all the table buttons .

This is what I have now and I would much prefer to have all those buttons on the 3rd toolbar as a drop down from a single button on the 2nd toolbar:


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24 minutes ago, GlenP said:

That looks like the Table Tools Toolbar plugin.

It is indeed.

@ibaker - if you want to get your hands dirty, and know JS, then the item to look at in the CKEditor API is addMenuGroup, which will allow you create a menu group. You'd then have to modify the plugin.js file of the plugin itself to change things around from the existing editor.ui.addButton calls to the addMenuGroup structure.

I'll see if I can find an example of the above for reference.

Here you go..... http://jsfiddle.net/oleq/vmYCF/

I think the above suggestion about the additional plugin to move things to the right-click action would be the better move though.

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