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I have turned the Clubs feature on in my site and I have had a request from a user which I have no idea how I can satisfy his needs so I am hoping someone can advise how I can help him as what he is asking would get a lot of my users to use the same capability.

His request is:

I am wanting to set up a discussion group for the owners, dealers and pilots of my kind of aircraft. I would like to know how to do this and whether the groups facility here supports the following features
1) Confidential posts where only the poster and the group administrator can view
2) Anonymous posts
3) Posts only viewable by members of the group.
4) Posts that are viewable by only a selected subset of the members of the groups

The reason for the group is to allow the members to discuss issues with the aircraft and difficulties with dealing with the manufacturer.

Since the group will include users of different types e.g. Dealers and owners, some may not want their posts viewed by other members of the group. Also, the posts by members should not be viewable by the general public as they may contain business-in-confidence or other sensitive information.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated

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The permissions for clubs are intentionally simple: the entire club is open, public, private, closed, or read-only (which are the 5 club types).  There's no granularity of permissions within a club.  For example, you can't have one club board with X permission and another club board with Y permission.  

As such, #3 is the only one that's achievable by clubs.  You would set the club as Closed, and only members within the club can see and engage with the content items.  

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