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How to add dependable field?


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On the registration page we have a dropdown of referred by with 6 options: Google, FB, Friends & Family.

I like to add a dependable text field that will only show if someone select Friends & Family option so that they can enter the username of existing member.

Hope its possible? Im ready to pay if someone can make this as a custom request if it require some tedious codes.


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Thanks @Daniel F for point in right direction.

This is the registration page: https://carnity.com/register

I like to hide the Referred By field until user select Friends and Family, so do i input the codes in Custom profile formatting of "How did you find us" field or in "Referred By" field.

  • How did you find us field ID - elSelect_core_pfield_20
  • Value = Friends & Family
  • Referred By field ID - core_pfield_21

Appreciate your technical help in doing one sample, so I can replicate same for other internal fields.

Thanks in advance.


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