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I would like use Pages to build a students records management:

1. Groups with differents levels of access. A. Admission group. B. Academic group. C. Administration group. D. Parents group. E. Students group. 

    A. Admission, create student record that contains student basic information. 

    B. Academic group, from teachers add notes, evaluation and differents tests results, e.g. math, chemical, grammar etc. 

   C. Administration group, add accounting information, payments and debts ect. 

   D. Parents group, this group need to see contents or students information that are place or permitted by others groups, e.g. teachers evaluation, tests results, students issues, news for parents from school, forms filled by the parents etc. 

   E. Students group, similar parents group, school decides what are the contents or information for students, interact with students. 

2. Filters by grade, years, accounting status, boy or girl, status of priorities(that show to team if the student need more attention, if students need some special support etc) 

3. Set rule automation: after automatically obtain each materials result and get the average, if average is > than x, the grade statu scale to next grade, example, 6 to 7.

4. Set reminder, if x month and day the math (example) test result hasn't placed by the teacher, send notification to teacher and administrators. 

Thanks for comments and help. 

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Sorry, @kmk but your requests are always too eccentric and confused. I have to weight all requests based first, in functionality/usabilitiy and second based in other's need/support. I can't and don't add a bunch of things based in one person's request.

2 comments tab? Sorry, It has absolutely no sense.

Again, if you have suggestions to make, use the proper channel, 1 request per topic, not a bunch as you did in the first post here.

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1 minute ago, Adriano Faria said:

but your requests are always too eccentric and confused.

Sorry for that, that is why need advice. Because many times I am not expert like many your guys here☺️☺️☺️

And I have to say thanks

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