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How to edit all articles in database (Pages)?


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I am not sure how I can edit articles created by other users in a database (Pages).

  • I am administrator.
  • Administrators are allowed to to perform any action on database.
  • Container inherits the permission of the database.
  • Administrators have Unrestricted permissions in ACP->Moderators.
  • I cannot see the link Edit below the article unless I set in ACP I am the owner for the field Author.

I need a permission to edit any article on the frontend (not ACP) without changing the author. And ideally a possibility to give this permission to another user group.

How do I configure it?

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10 hours ago, Adriano Faria said:

Did you check moderator permissions? Probably there’s something there. 

Administrators have Unrestricted permissions in ACP->Moderators.

I have also figured out that there is no comment form for nobody, although the permission to comment are set. It seems that something is wrong with database permissions... I have to investigate further.

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Thank you, Daniel! I have figured it out. There is a bug in Clubs Enhacements that does not set permissions properly after converting forum to feature club. I have made a mistake while correcting this via SQL :blush: Now it is solved for me.

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