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Editor and secure headers

Thomas P

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Hi IPS admin users and fellows,

I read in several topics that secure headers can affect the editor's behavior. So we have the following to meet "security standards":



1; mode=block



Which ones do I need to change in order for IPB to function as designed?

Thank you for clarification,


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Invision Community already sets X-Frame-Options to "sameorigin" if your AdminCP setting to prevent click jacking isn't disabled.

You should disable the X-XSS-Protection header. We explicitly disable this, because when you are posting HTML content to a forum it is entirely expected that the submitted content is going to be immediately "reflected" or displayed back to the end user upon submit. With certain things, such as certain embeds that may use javascript, the X-XSS-Protection may result in the post/viewing of the post not working correctly.

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