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Promote a member to another Group using ConvertKit?

Erik Hupje

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Hi, I'm very new here and not very technical and will be hiring someone to help me out... but I do have one key question that maybe someone can answer?

I am setting up a wordpress based membership site (most likely using AccessAlly) to sell online courses. I want to connect my course to my existing online community and create an area that is accessible to students only. I understand that can be done with Groups and Group Permissions, but how can I automatically assign a student to the correct group when they purchase the course in my wordpress based membership site? Ideally I would do this using tags in Convertkit...



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Hi @Erik Hupje and welcome to Invision Community 😁

Since you are connecting Invision with WordPress, you have two options: 

1. Standard oAuth 2 authentication that's built in.  

2. WordPress SSO mod that is available in the Marketplace.  

I can't make recommendation on third party products (but I totally recommend #2 for a better user experience.). You can post in the mod's support topic to see if it can accomplish what you want.  

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