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How to make a moderator only moderate one forum?


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In the ACP, Members>Moderators>click on "Add Moderator">Choose "Member," not Group, and start to type a member's name, then choose the member as it populates in the drop-down list and Save. This will set the Member as an unristricted moderator; that's not what you want. Click on the green bubble next to your saved moderator's name. That will give you the option to save the moderator as a restricted moderator:


You should then go through all the tabs and carefully set the moderator's permissions across the site; the options are extensive. (Don't forget to click "Save" at the bottom when you're done.) Once you select the "Content" tab and make a change to one of the options in the list, more tabs with additional options will show:


In the "Forums" tab, uncheck "All" under forums and start to choose the Forums in which you want that member to be a moderator: 


Again, don't forget to click "Save" down at the bottom when you're done.



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