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Allowing tags only for certain users

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We are on a vanilla, hosted Invision community; I'd like to make a particular sub-forum's tagging feature available only to admins/moderators, to allow us to manage bug reports. As far as I can see, you can enable/disable tags and tag prefixes when editing a forum's post settings, but not on a per-user-group basis.

Am I missing something or is that not possible?

Thanks in advance :)


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Just now, Adriano Faria said:

Edit the groups you don’t want people to use tags and disable it there.


I'm only looking to stop the group from adding tags in a specific sub-forum, rather than globally.

Seems to be either 1. Stop tags for a forum section for all users, or 2. Stop a group from tagging globally. I'm looking to stop a specific group in only a specific forum, which I realise is quite granular 🙂

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