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Taking profile completion/group promotions to the next level


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Achieving a new group level can, sometimes, include a series of "prezies" linked and deserved with such rank. Sometimes users are unaware of that.
When members pay a subscription that allows them to have his own gallery, his own blog or his own club, it's very possible that they immediately start creating the content they paid for. It makes sense.

I think the "group promotion" tool in the ACP should also allow the admin to display those achievements, adding a window similar to the "profile completion", but warning or forcing or suggesting the user to create the new content they are allowed now. Gallery is an example, but it could be a club, a file, a blog or posting a new a forum section, even a third party application or a database. 

What I say is that "group promotions" could include more options at the end of the process like suggesting users to create or explore the new assets. Right now, group promotions only moves the user to the next group level, but it doesn't even warn him/her and "profile completion" doesn't allow admins to suggest users to create content like galleries, database entries or blog entries, for example.

It can be useful, especially when you are encouraging users to create content. A rule could be... if a user reaches the "gold group" they will be forced to create their own club or their own blog or their own gallery .. or one of those 3 things. What I try to say is if you encourage participation and you have a user that reaches a milestone, then the tools should encourage him/her to keep working with the new features. Right now, unless you use a complex set of conditions in the "rule application", most of the milestones are silent. 

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