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Reactions WITHOUT Reputation, Adjusting Reputation

Joy Rex

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I finally got our forums upgraded to 4.4.3 with help from the excellent team here at Invision, and I am starting to get my head around all the new features and settings.

One thing I am struggling to figure out though is while I like the Reactions feature, it seems to be tied to the Reputation feature. Is there any way to have the Reactions but not Reputation? I'd really not have our users engage in a popularity contest (or even a perceived one), but would still like people to react to posted content.

Additionally, if the two cannot be independent of one another, is there a way for say Moderators to adjust users' Reputation points? Some users are complaining because they have negative rep (we just upgraded so I don't know how that's possible unless it was a holdover from the old system on 3.4.9).

Is it possible for Mods and Admins not to have Reputation points, but still allow users to React to posts they've made?

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55 minutes ago, opentype said:

I don’t think so. 

But you can make the reactions “neutral”, so no points are actually given or taken away. 

That's actually not a bad idea - and as far as displaying Reputation on posts and on User Profile pages, that could be taken out manually in the theme template...

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