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Upgrading to IPS4.4.3 fails

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I am trying to update to IPS4.4.3, however, I am getting this error on admincp:

You have Starting an update 

'A new version has been uploaded and the upgrade process has been started. You must complete the upgrade before you will be able to access the AdminCP.'

And for users who cannot enter the community get this message:

"Update in progress"
'We're sorry, this web site is unavailable while an update is in progress. 

You can try again by clicking the button below, or try again later. 

Site Owner 
This message means an upgrade is in progress. If this is not correct, try visiting the upgrade process again (usually /admin/upgrade) and choose either continue or restart. 

If the upgrade shows nothing to upgrade, visit the AdminCP and run the Support tool. You can also contact Invision Community support for assistance.'

That happened When I started the upgrading process after I entered my host-info and a downloading and extracting bars are complete.

I've sent a message to IPS support department but, no answer. I can't wait any longer, so I thought I should Just go and ask the community. Any thoughts on this?

PS: I do not have access to the admincp because of the error. 

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