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  1. High-End

    TDB Posts (41x)

    Hmm, small issue with this mod. Un-approved Guest post,actually they are deleted, show up....
  2. High-End

    TDB Posts (41x)

    Update available in the Marketplace! Works like a charm 😀 5 star review!
    Thank you for this update! Absolutely superb module and much "better" then the default one 😀
  3. High-End

    TDB Posts (41x)

    I've contacted TDBF and he told me that an update is awaiting approval in the Marketplace. 😁
  4. Thank you! Works like a charm!
  5. The other thing that is changed that when clicking to topic (title) it self it will not go to the latest post. Very annoying....
  6. I cannot find this PlugIn anywhere. Has it been removed and unsupported?
  7. Our forum runs httpS, the site where these images are stored is not. I'm not going to force the use of httpS images for now.
  8. I am an Admin with full access. I found the part I was not seeing, my bad 🤓
  9. Hello Marc, OK, I will leave the way we accept images as is. It is up to our users which browser they prefer. About the Active Topics module, is there a way to show the Last Reply Date instead?
  10. So Chrome blocks them but Firefox not? Make cense, from a Google point of view. Edit: You are right, just tested this. What is changed for performance issues? The Bold Topic Titles?
  11. First of all: Love the new look! Yesterday our forum was updated to the latest version, as far as I know without any issues. Our members checked the new look and feel and two things they noticed. In Chrome, images in a post do not show (https://www.high-endforum.nl/topic/16737-uitnodiging-vergelijk-klassieke-draaitafels/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-527953). It does work in Firefox All of a sudden the bold topic titels of topics with new replies in the Actieve Topics module on our front-page have disappeared. Because this module shows the Topic Creation Date instead of the Date Last Reply (Why?) it is not clear which topic has a new reply and has not been read by the visiting member.
  12. I'm sorry but I do not see almost any of this in my AdminCP.
  13. High-End

    TDB Posts (41x)

    Where can I find the files to install as the Invision version 4.6 does not show this mod in the Marketplace.
  14. High-End

    TDB Posts (41x)

    Thank you! I noticed this yesterday but was not sure.
  15. High-End

    TDB Posts (41x)

    This may sound stupid but how do I add/upload this .xml to my board?
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