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Unfinished Accounts creating spam


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I have my community set up so that Guests have no posting privileges. It cuts down on any spam someone can post to my site. When someone registers on my site, they actually have to be validated before they are allowed to post. If they are in the Guest usergroup, they simply cannot post anything. What you might want to do is set something similar up on your site. This is done through the ACP. Thing is, way you describe it, you allow non-validated members to post on your site and speaking from experience, spammers can been clued in on IPS forums ever since 3.x launched. Just set your Guests permissions to "browse only", no posting privileges.

I had problems with spammers posting all kinds of crap on my forums so I just eliminated Guest posting and I haven't had a problem since. I get the occasional spammer, but it happens so rarely that I'm not affected it anymore.

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