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(NE) New member awareness

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What's new in v2.0.1?

  1. Compatible with IPS 4.5.x only
  2. Plugin has been converted to an application
    • Settings from plugin will be migrated to the application

Going forward, if someone wishes to report an issue then the following must be provided in this topic (not via PM, unless requested):

  1. Version of IPS
  2. A clear description of the issue
  3. Does the issue still exist if an unmodified default IPS theme is used?
  4. Screenshots of the settings of the application
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It seems that application does not respect values set under "Show in these forums". I have set a post message to show only in 4 forums but it shows in all forums (value "All forums" is unchecked at settings page). I'm using latest IPS version, issue still exist on unmodified default IPS theme.

Issue is related to "Post message". "Topis message" works fine and shows only in defined forums.

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On 10/6/2020 at 6:37 PM, Nathan Explosion said:

Screenshots of the settings of the application

Thanks but please provide the above - I'm being very strict on this because I've had my time wasted in the past when looking into issues, purely because the settings provided by text didn't match up to the actual settings in place. Screenshots remove all doubt.

I think I've spotted an issue in the code, but the screenshot of the 'Options' tab will confirm for me.

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v2.1.0 has been submitted for approval with the following new features:

  • On the 'Posts' tab, a "Before & after post container" option has been added to the "Where?" setting
  • On the 'Posts' tab, a new "Use IPS new 'Inline' message" setting has been added to allow you to utilise IPS's recently added 'Inline' indicators (see screenshot, makes more sense) when choosing to display a message before and/or after the post container



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1 hour ago, Duken said:

Is there a forum to see this work. The screenshots dont give the right vibe. Thank you!

I don't use it on my own site, and I don't run a demo site - what 'vibe' exactly are you not getting from the screenshots? It doesn't do anything else other than show what is in the screenshots.

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On 4/9/2020 at 10:16 PM, Unlucky said:


Can you select which forums this is displayed in?

I'd buy this if it did that.

Use case - we would use it for new members posting in classifieds subforums and edit the message to alert buyers this is a new user / seller. Do your due diligence etc.

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On 6/24/2020 at 5:05 PM, Nathan Explosion said:

What's new in v1.1.1

  1. addition of a css tweak to bring first paragraph in line with icon in the ipsMessage box
    • to use this tweak, edit the nenewmember.css file and remove the /* and */ around the following item:
    • /*.neNewMemberIpsMessage p:first-of-type{


  2. added option to configure in which forums the message is displayed


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