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how to add feature to editor

Ocean West

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I have a library of function/formulae that i want to be able to type into the editor by using something similar to using the @ to auto select a person perhaps use  [[ to trigger the popup and as you type it suggest values like if i type [[ave it would show value translates to Average ( field { ; field ; field .. } ) if i choose the value it would embed to the editor without the trigger value and the data would be hyper linked to a specific url based on my glossary.  Alternatively a button in the editor that when clicked will display a listing of functions formula where they could select and insert into the editor.


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thanks been looking at the instructions but a lot of the ips added features are optimized/minified of formattng it's difficult to wade into this.

I downloaded the whole ckeditor4 and not sure how to add basic stuff if I have to zip plugins and then upload them or manually push them there.

for starters i wanted a simple table option.

i see this in the instructions I am not sure what file this goes into?


It is now time to tell CKEditor to load our plugin. To do so we have to add its name to the
CKEDITOR.config.extraPlugins configuration option: config.extraPlugins = 'timestamp';


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33 minutes ago, Ocean West said:

every time i add something I end up with this.

If it happens every time, what is it that you have been adding?

That behaviour above usually indicates that the ckeditor plugin is either not compatible with the version of ckeditor in use on the site, or that there is an incompatibility with other ckeditor plugins.

What plugins are you trying out? I'm happy to test them out and bork my editor on my test site.

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