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"Rejected" Member Status?

Pupper Puppet

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Morning everyone!

I'm trying to figure out how best to implement something that lets us put rejected member accounts on hold rather than deleting them.  The community I manage is a magnet for pervs, so the membership application has several questions built in to weed them out.  It's pretty successful, and for those who are caught that way we can ban them off the top rather than approving their application to join.

There are also several cases, though, where something isn't right with the application and we deny membership but don't ban.  In those cases we want people to be able to view the content of the forums until the issue is addressed.  (The most common example of this is a user in a hurry and checking "No" instead of "Yes" when asked if they plan to follow the rules.)  All this time we've just been deleting those accounts and keeping track of them in a running post visible only to admins. 

I'm hoping there's a way we can leave the account intact and unapproved while also clearing it from the "pending admin review" widget in the ACP.  Often, those folks get in touch to ask what happened to their application, clear up the problem, and then they have to go through the registration process again.  I'm after being able to flip a switch and activate their account when they explain what went wrong, rather than having them redo the application.

Can this be done?

Thanks for your time!

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