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  1. Hmm. Not a fix, unfortunately. I enabled all moderator notifications in ACP and in my personal profile, pushed that notification setting to all users, and then reported three different items as a test. The reports hit the queue, but the notification icon never showed a count.
  2. Pretty sure that solves it. Apparently "the administrator has disabled that option from being toggled." I don't remember doing it, but then I don't remember my own name half the time so I'll fix it. Thanks for the fast answer!
  3. Morning y'all! Apparently the reported content icon at the top of the forum front end is supposed to show a count of reported items, when there are some, similar to the notifications icon showing when there's followed content viewed or the private message icon telling us how many PMs we have unread. I say "apparently" because I've never seen it happen. I'm only aware of this because I recently elevated someone from moderator to admin status, and she said after her role changed she stopped seeing the report count. After she brought it up, moderators have chimed in to say they still see the count. I initially thought it might be a permission issue, but my account has all permissions. Any ideas why admins wouldn't see the count? Thanks!
  4. Good morning! My community is restricted to 13+ because I'm not prepared to deal with COPPA. Is there a way forum admins (or just me, maybe through phpAdmin) can see the date of birth entered at registration? There's not often a need for it, but every now and again we need to verify. Thanks!
  5. Afternoon! Someone's just pointed out that on individual profile pages, the member group displayed in the header under the user's name is hard to see. It's fine with the color theme elsewhere, it's just the profile header. I'm sure there's something in the theme colors I can tweak to fix this, but I don't know which color field controls this bit. If someone can point me in the right direction, I'll be grateful!
  6. I didn't even think of Automation Rules. Thanks for the pointers!
  7. Evening! We've had to lock down the community we run on Invision as far as rules are concerned - some features available to our members in general, minors aren't allowed to use. (We're a perv magnet and we take safety very seriously.) That said, I'd like to ask what would be the easiest way to automate this. Right now our only control is staff catching minors doing things they shouldn't. This works well enough, but if it's possible I'd like to prevent them using these features entirely until the forum recognizes they're 18. Multiple user groups is one way to do it, though that could get confusing on the admin end as both user groups would have to appear identical on the front end - if we're shielding minors from pervs, advertising they're minors kind of defeats the purpose. Is this something anyone has done before? If so, how did you implement?
  8. Evening! Did the latest update put a stop to the forums sending emails to the site address when new member accounts are ready to be validated? I used to get the user's profile in my inbox after they confirmed their email address, but that stopped when we upgraded to 4.3. I can't for the life of me remember where that setting was in the ACP and a search didn't scare it up. If someone could confirm or brain me with a clue-by-four, I'll appreciate it!
  9. This turned out to be the culprit. The member confirmed she's using it, and also said the browser plugin is evil in more ways than this. Thanks!
  10. Evening! I've got a one-off issue, shown below, that I wonder if anyone has seen and/or fixed before. I have a single member in my forums (Windows 10 64 bit, Chrome) who, when she quotes selections longer than a few sentences or entire posts, ends up with random numbers and massive blank space in the quote field. Staff with all permission levels right up to root admin have tried to edit her comments to remove this blank space, but the "edit" and "moderator actions" links aren't clickable. This is true only for the comments in which this happens - we have no trouble moderating the rest of the thread. She's the only member this happens with. We're completely puzzled. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated, and I'm happy to answer questions if it will help diagnose the problem. Thanks for your time!
  11. Evening! We recently had a situation in which we disallowed a member to use the private message feature for a week. In content restrictions in the ACP, we can't set a timer on that the way we can on posting content in general. We ended up having to manually disable her messenger and then turn it back on when the time came. A couple of us could swear we used to be able to plug in a restriction for PMs with a restore date, but it wouldn't be the first thing either of us misremembered. 😉 If this could be added in a future iteration, we'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  12. Evening y'all! Got a weird one out of the blue. For the last couple of days, one of our members isn't able to receive private messages. Nothing has changed with regard to the forum setup, addons, server ... nothing. Staff can send her PMs, as that's not a setting members can change, but " cannot receive messages" is displayed on the compose box when another member tries to contact her. I verified by logging in as the affected member that she hasn't blocked anyone and she does have messages enabled. She's the only one this happens with, and nobody on the admin side has made any changes to her account. Any direction y'all can give will be appreciated. Thanks!
  13. @opentype - That's particularly helpful, thank you! I'll have to go back to the docs to figure it out as I haven't monkeyed with groups in ages. I appreciate it!
  14. Morning everyone! I'm trying to figure out how best to implement something that lets us put rejected member accounts on hold rather than deleting them. The community I manage is a magnet for pervs, so the membership application has several questions built in to weed them out. It's pretty successful, and for those who are caught that way we can ban them off the top rather than approving their application to join. There are also several cases, though, where something isn't right with the application and we deny membership but don't ban. In those cases we want people to be able to view the content of the forums until the issue is addressed. (The most common example of this is a user in a hurry and checking "No" instead of "Yes" when asked if they plan to follow the rules.) All this time we've just been deleting those accounts and keeping track of them in a running post visible only to admins. I'm hoping there's a way we can leave the account intact and unapproved while also clearing it from the "pending admin review" widget in the ACP. Often, those folks get in touch to ask what happened to their application, clear up the problem, and then they have to go through the registration process again. I'm after being able to flip a switch and activate their account when they explain what went wrong, rather than having them redo the application. Can this be done? Thanks for your time!
  15. Afternoon! I can't believe it's taken ten years for someone to test it, but here we are. We had a member register whose profile hit the admin approval stage full of profanity. In topics and posts, the language he used would have been caught and replaced by the filters we have set up, but apparently there are user-editable fields where the filters don't apply. The filters should work for any field users can edit.
  16. This is the Messaging permissions for the admin group.
  17. Thanks for this. As far as I know, private messages are enabled for the new member group. They're able to receive them when I send them, and when the auto-welcome PM goes out. When they receive one, they can reply to it. The group settings for messages are below. I'm sure I'm missing something blatantly obvious.
  18. Afternoon! I have a new user group with restricted admin privileges. I also have a group for new members that isn't allowed to send private messages until a rule bumps them up a notch after a few posts. One of these admins tried to send a private message to a new user who had broken a rule, and got an error message saying that user couldn't receive PMs. When I sent the message as root admin, it went through just fine. I've checked all the settings I can find and don't see anything that should have prevented this. Limit override is enabled for this admin group and it can't be ignored. Could someone suggest other places I might check to let this new admin group bypass the PM restriction? Thanks!
  19. Hit the nail on the head. That's exactly what I was after. Thank you!
  20. Good afternoon! I'm trying to figure out how I can edit the appearance of the author pane within forum posts in 4.3. Specifically, as a default setting, the "Interests" field from the user profile appears there, and I'd like to make that go away. Some people fill that box with more text than the majority of the forum posts, which makes display a little interesting. I just can't figure out where to specify what should appear in this pane. (Screenshot for reference below.) I'd greatly appreciate a nudge in the right direction. Thanks! -Dev
  21. Thanks again, @AlexWright! I wanted to clarify the first question. When building the profile fields themselves and marking them as required, members are forced to fill them in at registration. The requirement itself is working. I'm referring to this tab: There are the two sections for required and optional information. When I click into each, it lists the profile fields with a check mark next to each. (That's just a few.) The thing that's got me confused is that there are no check marks in any of these boxes, but all four fields shown are required. The registration form won't allow them to proceed unless these questions are answered, and yet according to the blank checkboxes on the "Required Profile Information" page, they don't appear to be required. I'm pretty sure I'm misinterpreting the purpose of this page, but I can't for the life of me figure out how. Re: the second question - your answer solved my issue. Again. I think I've just decided I want to be you when I grow up.
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