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HD Group Icons


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This request is very old šŸ˜‰Ā 

If you've read the latest IPS blog entry about "4.4 app manifest & icon management", they talk about "if you upload png files, size them 2x for retina display optimization" (as svg not natively supported).

But it isn't even possible to upload a png image in double size (which should show only in half the dimensions)

IPS, please implement this improvement also for member group icons, for the sake of a consistent sharp and crispy retina frontend look. Thanks.

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Definitely, there are so many image upload areas of IPSĀ that could benefit by retina HDĀ images. I'm surprised they've never been implemented. Pips, logo, profile photos etc. In 4.4 any and all images should support optional higher quality images andĀ uploadable/repositionableĀ coverĀ images expanded to include the header, footer and background.


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