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Default theme deleted 😱


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No luck unfortunately, I tried everything 😞


Here is still the error when compiling my app:



It's on my dev server, which is not available from outside… So opening a ticket won't be of help I suppose.

 Is there something I can do to recreate the default theme ?



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For people who could be in the same situation, I've found a workaround:

  1. Only let 1 theme in your ACP, for front-end and back-end.
  2. In your database, edit core_themes and set this theme ID to 0 (note the previous ID for this theme, for instance 8)
  3. Still for the core_themes table, set the autoincrement to 1 for the ID column
  4. Create a new default theme in the ACP. It should have the ID 1.
  5. Go back to the database, and reset the ID of your theme to its previous value (8 in this example)

Everything is back to normal 🤗

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