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Custom onpay and split payment questions (IP Commerce)


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Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to split payment with the IP Commerce (programming or via the settings tab https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/adaptive-payments/integration-guide/APIntro/) and my other question is how would I go about adding custom onpay functions for some of the products? (I wanna keep using the original onpay function for the other products)


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Commerce does have support for split payments. Basically, if the invoice isn't paid in full, the remainder will remain due. How you handle this with a custom gateway will depend upon the gateway (e.g. you will probably send the split payment amount but you may need to develop a UI to control this at the payment level when a user goes to pay).

You can add an extension for onPay and then check which product was purchased in order to perform actions only for certain products. I did something similar as a hook on \IPS\nexus\Purchase (for onExpire, onDelete and so on) and then I just verify the product that was purchased for the current purchase we are operating on.

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