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I've often been a PITA (pain in the ass) on these forums over different issues, just my nature I guess, but I'm always one to give praise when it's due; and it's due.  I contacted support over an issue, mainly of my own making (hands up to that) when deciding which software to use for two completely different projects; I made a mistake in which one to choose and realised it only after I started developing.

IPS was better suited to one particular project; without the support of the IPS staff that project could have been held up for months. The staff didn't have to do anything, it was my fault, but they stepped up to the plate and helped me out.  I believe that it's only right that when something like this happens they deserve to be praised publicly.  I understand that not everything can be put right as people would like it, we all have limitations and none of us are perfect (except those who think they are lol) but it's refreshing when someone takes that extra step and makes you feel good in that you've made the right choice of who to deal with.

I'll still be a PITA when the mood dictates, but boy am I pleased that IPS have continued forward in creating a fantastic suite of programs for us to use, but haven't lost the ability to reach out and be helpful, especially when they did not have to.


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