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Downloads files not serverd over CDN

Fernando S.

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So I am using belugaCDN (awesome company) as my CDN provider. 

Is there a reason why NONE of the downloads files are not being served over CDN? I have set it up properly within the storage method but with no success. 

I also tried Amazon cloudfront and still, the files just refuse to cooperate. 

Anyone have any insight on this? ANY help is greatly appreciated. Been struggling with it for past few weeks. 


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We have clarified this via a ticket, but I wanted to share the information with everybody, because it's coming up frequently.

If Amazon AWS is used, we'll use the X-Amz-Expires header to create a temporary download URL, but If you're using another CDN then Amazon AWS, the uploaded files are being downloaded to the server and then being served to the client.
We can't just return the file because several operations need to run before the download.

  • Verify that the member is allowed to download it ( Keep in mind that we have here a permission check but that there's also the "Time user must wait before download starts" setting which needs to be taken into account.
  • Log the download if necessary
  • And last but not least, finally send it to the client



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