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[Suggestion] textarea field for ban settings


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I have a list of email providers that I don't want to allow users to register a new account with. At the moment I can to go to AdminCP > Members > Ban Settings, click on Add Ban Filter and enter email adresses one by one. Even when I use wildcards, it takes forever. The same goes for names or IP adresses.

The other way round, allowing only certain email domains for registration, which can be found under AdminCP > Members > Registration, works the same way: one domain per entry.


It would be much easier, if there was a textarea field for these settings, which allowes me to enter one entry per line. Then I could just copy and paste my table of (non-)registrable names, IP adresses and/or email adresses. Also browsing though existing entries would be much more comfortable in a textarea field. I'd love to see some improvements to those AdminCP options.

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