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  1. Hi Adriano, Not sure if we requested this previously, but is it possible for Warn Log to create a thread for users who were banned via the "Flag as Spammer" option? Or not because it's a direct ban rather than a warn? Thanks
  2. Is it possible to get {date} to respect the locale set in IPB? We noticed that we're seeing MM/DD/YY instead of DD/MM/YY as we use here. Thanks @Adriano Faria
  3. Thanks @All Astronauts the update works great 🙂
  4. Hi @All Astronauts we are running on PHP 7.2. We are running on the UK locale - maybe that's causing an issue? We only see the January 1970 issue when we use 'Joined Month Year' - if we change to another view the dates show fine. Someone suggested it seems to be mixing up the month and the day of the month? I think maybe it's the UK locale thing in the IPB settings? Can you try and replicate? Also any more news on the shortened month format, so 'Jan' instead of 'January'? That would help keep the profile bit neat and short.
  5. Hi @All Astronauts, we're having an issue similar to @bearback where using the "Joined Month Year" setting is showing as January 1970 for most users. Was a fix for this identified or do we need to go back to using the default setting?
  6. Hi Adriano, I can't seem to locate the setting that allows this, if you can provide any guidance? Also will it allow moderators to assign other moderators/admins to reports, or just themselves?
  7. Hi @InvisionHQ could you fix it so there is a character limit on the price field? At the moment we can do like 1,000,000,000,000,000 ? Also is there a way to show the classifieds categories on the forum index?
  8. One easy 'fix' for now, maybe we can set a custom ban reason - to explain to any non-spammers what has happened to them! In case they are worried they were banned and confused.
  9. I suggested this privately, but I think it would be great if the plugin could actually prevent a post containing those characters from being accepted - i.e. entered in to our database. In our situation all messages on the forum must be written in English, using standard characters. We would prefer just block someone, with a friendly message, when they try to post, instead of taking the message and auto-banning the user.
  10. Ok thanks - would you consider adding this as a future feature?
  11. Hi Adriano, The plugin works when users are banned via the front-end warning system, but it doesn't create a thread or post for bans via the back-end admin area. Is this possible please? Thanks
  12. Is there anyway to show the Classifieds categories on the forum index page within the forums block/section? Failing that, can we setup 'fake' forums that act as redirects to their corresponding Classifieds directory. Hi @InvisionHQ any ideas? We originally donated to the development of Classifieds and we'd love to start using it, but we need to have it on the forum home as that is our website home page. No-one will see it only in the sidebar or tab.
  13. Cheers, you'd be surprised how many companies have forums like this but fail to acknowledge feedback - leaving users in doubt as to whether it's been seen 🙂
  14. Just a quick thank you to @Nathan Explosion for creating a plugin that will handle this in the meantime: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9179-ne-display-name-validator/ Hopefully the team from IPS will read this and the bug report you filed. Ultimately it would be much better if the bad word filter stopped the user from being able to register, rather than allowing it and turning their username to "********". Also perhaps clear up the confusion between the bad word filter and the unregisterable names settings - my feeling is that if a name exists in bad words, them IPB should act the same as unregisterable feature, rather than processing the registration. Do we need to tag someone at IPS for them to see this? Or is it generally assumed they read all these feedback threads? Cheers
  15. Rather than making forum owners duplicate all the words in both the bad word filter and unregisterable names filter, give a toggle option to apply all words in the bad words filter to a user's choice of username. You could extend this to custom user fields too - after all, if there's a word in your bad word filter, you're not likely wanting to see this appear inside a profile either! Original post
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