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Illegal Offset

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I posted about this in the past, but I here it goes again...

If I attempt to edit or add anything to the acp menu through the acp menu tab in dev center, it gives an illegal offset error, triggered by the following line:

$this->menu['tabs'][ $item['tab'] ][ "{$app->directory}_{$moduleKey}" ][ $itemKey ] = "app={$app->directory}&module={$moduleKey}&controller={$item['controller']}" . ( $item['do'] ? "&do={$item['do']}" : '' );

I then looked in the acp menu file and saw it put [] around the community tab name.

I fixed it, reuploaded, and the error was gone.

I then reordered menu items via that same acp menu tab in dev center.

That then made the menu items I manually added straight into the file disappear.

So there's no way for me to add, edit, or reorder in the acp tab. Does adding them in the acp ONLY add them to this file and nothing else? If so, I will just manually edit it to be the way I want. It disappearing when I reordered makes me wonder if it also stores something in the database, so reordering made the manually added ones disappear.

I obviously need to be able to add and manage menu items! For now, I am leaving them manually in the json file where I can navigate around in the acp until this gets figured out. It's happened many times in the past, as well. Those times seemed related to having deleted module files (properly, through the dev center) and I did remove a module today also, but it's an unrelated module to these.

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47 minutes ago, Daniel F said:

I think that's this (fixed) bug

Would that still be an issue, even though I'm using a 4.2 version of suite and dev files? I've never been quite sure how dev center works because it seems like someone said you don't even have to actually upgrade your board for in_dev versions to work.

Also, in my situation, the module isn't disappearing, but controllers did.

If adding them manually in the json file doesn't cause any problem (ie if dev center only adds them to that file and nothing else, to begin with), i can work around it for now. I've always been careful in rearranging things in files to not mess the structure up.

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1 hour ago, HeadStand said:

It was a (very annoying) bug in 4.2 that is fixed in 4.3.

Am I correct that adding to the menu via dev center doesn't do anything other than write to the json file? I assume that's the case, or people would have had an ordeal getting their menus right. So far it seems like it works fine when just manually editing the file, but not even going to attempt reordering or messing with it in the acp. lol.

I guess everything from dev center just writes to disk anyway. I had thought at one point settings did something in the db, but I see a settings json file, so I assume that's the same way.

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