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Improvements to moderator notices


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Currently it is possible to add moderator notices to content, which then will be displayed at the very top of a page. This is a great feature. However I'd like to see some improvements to this mechanic for the following reason: Very often I find myself in a situation where I'd like to adress specific content, e.g. a forum reply of a user that contains questionale content (but not the topic itself). The reply however does not qualify for any 'severe' moderator actions such as a warning.

In this case I find it more helpful to leave a message attached to the content item so everyone sees the connection between the moderator notice and the content. Currently I just edit the user's post and leave a message in a different color, but that of course isn't too elegant and it can be edited out by the user, if he (still) can edit his post.

What i'd like to be able to do:

  • Add a notice to a specific content item (e.g. a forum reply, a review in the Downloads App, a comment in a Blog article...) that is being displayed within/next to the content item (the way like given warnings already do)
  • Additional options:
    • Show notice
      • to everyone
      • only to staff and the creator of the content item
      • only to staff (for internal notices)
    • also pin notice
      [the notice then is being displayed within/next to the content item and also on top of the page (already possible with moderator notices)]
    • Auto-delete notice after... (date and hour input field)
    • Option to choose the background color of the notice (already possible with moderator notices)
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