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Good Afternoon,


I am looking for the creation of a roster style application for IPB.  We are currently looking to upgrade to 4.x and have been experimenting with rosters.  We want to be able to pull from the main IPB database based on group membership with the ability to have different groups.  For example, since we are a video game community, we want to be able to show who is on the roster for say Call of duty.  Call of duty would be seperated into groups.  For example.  let make a group called Apollo group, which would have Groups leaders(2) and members in that group  Please see attached pics

I'd like to be able to make it so if we added new categories on our Roster main and click said category it will list the membership show in groups pic


Anyone willing to take on the task?

Roster Main.png


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I'd be willing to shell out some money for this.


I like the ease of which I can add members to the different clubs with the Clubs Enhancement app, but I also like the staff directory and how you can add in titles/bios. A mix of the two but perhaps with more display options would be optimal.


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@Midnight Modding


I would be happy to address this with you.  I've purchased your apps before.

I've tweaked our original rosters and its manual now and I want it to be dynamic.  I want this type of layout that I am using now.  When I create a Legion under a Province  I want the groups displayed there.(if I remove it, I'd like it not  to display).  When I click the group, I want to list all the members in said group.  Which consist of Group Leader and Assistant and then list the members in said group. 

Everything that is listed in part of our custom profile fields(profile)  Each field has the information required to be displayed.



@Midnight Modding

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