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How about a clients-only non-software "marketplace"?


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Just an idea I've been wondering about for the past little while:

What do you all think about having a forum where Invision clients could advertise their services (to other clients and the public at large)?  I'm talking mainly about those of us who offer professional services which may or may not be based on the Invision CMS, and who aren't developers or contributors, but who might be able to use an advertising platform here to post about what they do and what they can offer?

Maybe think of it as a token of gratitude for all the clients who have decided to go with Invision and support them financially over the years?  A forum where they can tell people about what they do and perhaps get some business out of it?

Of course this idea is in part selfish, since I am one of these people - but I'm positive there are many others here who might benefit from being able to advertise in such a (controlled) forum.

Anyway, just a thought...

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