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Can't rename app slug in Customize Friendly URLs


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Hi there,

I am trying to rename the Gallery slug in Customize Friendly URLs in Admin CP

I am trying to change /gallery/ to /anime-gallery/


When I save it, it always re-adds /gallery/ at the start of the URL!


I can only get it to save for the URLs which have no extra slugs (e.g. the main Gallery home page, the main Clubs home page - I can't rename the slug if there is extra ones such as ID after it)

Am I doing something wrong? Why won't it save properly? :(

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Thanks @Adriano Faria - so is this a dead end unless I do the core file edit or get custom development?

My only worry is will that also cause issues for the IPS Sitemap generated URLs (i.e. it generates different URLs to the core edit FURL change)?

I recently migrated from XenForo and they had a feature called Route Filters which could rename the URLs:


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In early versions of IPS 4 that was working just fine. From 4.1.x it broke... the official response I got from IPS in a ticket was that that is the way the suite works for the apps that are not the default one. I tried to explain that previously it was possible to completely rename the URLs for an app without somehow getting it's default name back in the URL, but they said it's the way it currently works.

It's pretty annoying, I wanted to completely rename all the /forums/ URLs so millennials won't be scared when they see that... and I can't, while I know I did it in previous versions.

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Having come from XenForo recently which had a very similar feature called Route Filters, I do find this to be a strange limitation. IPS confirmed to me via ticket this is "as designed" behaviour. I know of some communities that do rename their URL slugs for better SEO and/or for different language communities to rename the URL slugs to their native language.

Thankfully the furl.json workaround to rename the Friendly URL works and I can confirm it does update the IPS sitemap URLs.

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