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Okay so anytime I go to reply to a topic the text is white and the background of the reply area is white I need the background to be black 


Also when I go to edit a post it takes away the custom topic background I have and changes it to white and then the text is also on white 



This is making me so mad 



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You need to change the CKEditor style. Here is the official documentation about how to do it.

But I have already done this so I will share the code I used. Go to ACP > Customization > Themes and click edit HTML / CSS button of your current theme. Then, find the custom.css file and add the following CSS code:

.ipsApp.ipsApp_front .ipsComposeArea_dummy,
.ipsApp.ipsApp_front .cke textarea.cke_source,
.ipsApp.ipsApp_front .cke .cke_wysiwyg_frame,
.ipsApp.ipsApp_front .cke .cke_wysiwyg_div,
.ipsApp.ipsApp_front .cke .cke_inner{
  	background: #000000;


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