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Make who has hidden a topic easier to see -especially mobile


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Currently there is a difference in presentation between when a post is hidden, and when the topic is hidden. 

When a post is hidden, then there is for example the following text next to it: Hidden by TSP, Just now - No reason given

While if the topic is hidden, then on the first post it just says: Hidden

To see information about who was hiding the topic you have to hover the hide icon next to the topic title. However, moderators on our forum say they would also like this information presented in the same manner as on any post in the topic. It could for example change Hidden to «Topic hidden by TSP, Just now - No reason given», to clarify it's the whole topic. 

Another problem is that the information about who has hidden a topic is not readily available on mobile. Clicking on the hidden icon next to the topic title on a mobile doesn't show anything. 

Below are example images of how it is presented today. 



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