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Clubs management questions


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We've just upgraded to IPS 4.2 and we're trying the clubs functionality, but some questions are emerging :

1) We've set that the clubs creation shall be validated by a moderator/administrator, but we can't manage to find where is the validation interface ?

2) We had already a club in our community, that club was allowed to manage its own forums, members (as groups) & sections, we've not found any way to move or copy the posts from a standard community forum to a club forum : is it possible ?

3) We cannot find any interface to manage clubs owners rights (other than to create clubs), could it be managed ?

4) Is there some detailed documentation about clubs management ?


Thank you in advance for your comments and/or answers.

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18 minutes ago, Zorro_X said:

thankyou, this app (Clubs Enhancement) looks really good, we'll certainly purchase it. But I don't see any improvement about validating a group creation (?)

The only way to approve a club is accessing this club and clicking in the APPROVE button. I don't think there's another way. I'll take a look to make it more easy and fast with my plugin. 

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this "approve" button does not appears in our forum (!?) At which plase is it supposed to be : over the club, in a corner, in the club properties ?!

We've been looking since yesterday for it and we're three people looking for it (!!!)
maybe a bug in the 4.2.2 relase ?

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15 hours ago, Zorro_X said:

uh ?! :blink:

we don't have those "Approve / Delete" buttons, but only the message "This club has not been approved yet ..."

(of course we're administrators of the community)

You need to have this MODERATOR permission: Has leader privileges in all clubs?.

ACP -> Members -> Staff -> Moderators -> edit your group -> Clubs tab.

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