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Slow Site + High Load

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I am looking for some insight/help in solving my performance issues. Load between 10.0-140.0. I am willing to pay anyone who can help as i am not a server admin. 

Server Specs (Dedicated Server):

16 Core Server - AMD Opteron 6272
Memory: 48 GB DDR3 ECC RAM
Hardware RAID 10 (4x256 GIG SSD)
Operating System: CentOS
Control Panel: cPanel

Caching with Memcache

Software Specs:

PHP Version: 7.0.22
MySQL Version: 5.6.35-log 
IPS Version:

Forum Stats:

Who's Online shows we have about 350-500 users (within 15 minutes i assume)
3 Million + Posts
26,000 + Members

Note: Server also runs our blog (wordpress) and Revive for banner ads running on Blog and Forum.

If any pro's want a help please let me know! PM is best!


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