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    Ahmed Zayed

    I have been working with Ahmed for well over a year now. He is fast, reliable and always on top of any IPS issues we have had. Amazing doing upgrades and skin fixes. Makes great plugins also! Would recommend to everyone for all your IPS needs. Rock solid!
  2. Wow i thought i just turned on google ads haha. This is going to be another job on my lengthy list. Thanks for showing me! Google said i have to wait a few hours before i can review my ads since the blocking option was not enabled.
  3. so my site doesn't seem infected? I am going to try this asap! Thank you!
  4. Hi! I have had a bunch of users complaining of mobile site pop ups. Mostly chrome uses. Anyone interested in fixing this for me? Looking for some help ASAP! Here is the thread where they show and talk about the issue on our site: http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/129604-virus-popups-on-mobile-site/
  5. prcdc


    One of the best server admins i have ever worked with. We had a site which was high traffic and without ASTRAPI's help we were doomed. He not only setup our server and migrated it went flawless. 0 down time. Great price and our IPS system has never ran smoother and had faster load times than ever before! Amazing work! Everyone should have this guy setup their dedicated/VPS system before using IPS. He's a pro!!! PM me if you don't believe me =)
  6. Reindexed the search and it fixed everything. Must have been from the server move we did a few weeks ago. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Appreciate it!
  7. All are set to Any Time. Could it be that i need a search reindex? We did just move servers and i cant remember the last time i did a reindex of the search?
  8. I have a bunch of users comaplining that when they click on the Activity Stream > Content I Posted In that they no longer see all there posts. Only content from maybe a week back. Why would this happen? Is there any way to get this back to show all their content? Maybe reset it? Any help would be wonderful! Thank you.
  9. I only use google adwords. Would they do such a thing? Should i report this to google maybe? Thanks and sorry for posting on the wrong thread.
  10. I am worried my forum was infected with something. It only happens to users on android phones (mobile site). Anyone seem this before and know how to fix it?
  11. Just got told by IPS support that 4.1.16 will fix the bug. But the same thing was said for 4.1.15. Amazing.
  12. That sounds horrible. We don't have that problem as far as I know. did you talk to IPS support?
  13. Thanks for the info. I'm waiting on a response from IPS support right now.
  14. I can't just turn off that application its essential to our community. Do you have Trader Feedback system? If it happens to people who don't have that App installed then I can prove to IPS Support that It's not the App's fault. Thank you.
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